What is a Headshot?

Your Headshot is Your Brand. A headshot is that virtual hand in digital space, which reaches across the table to introduce you to your customer or partner. A headshot is an invitation for others to connect with you to have a conversation. A headshot is a way to make a stranger into an acquaintance and an acquaintance into a friend. A headshot is You.

Who needs a Headshot? Everybody!

Whether you are a business owner seeking to grow your commerce, a professional looking for a profile shot online, an actor looking for the next great role, or a student in kindergarten, school, or University, you need a Headshot to stand out. You need a headshot to differentiate between you and the rest to help you communicate your brand, your skills, and your goals.

How often should I change my Headshot?

It depends. A headshot is your representation across digital space. A headshot should be relevant to your recent image. Actors demand more frequent updates to portray a required look for an upcoming part. Growing children and teens, who tend to change quite drastically also would need to update their profile to relate their change. That is not to say that everyone else should neglect to refresh their headshot. We all need to be current which means we must stay on top. A headshot will help you achieve this goal.